Understanding the Impact of Alcohol on Skin Health (AND HOW TO COMBAT IT)

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August 22, 2023

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  • Excessive drinking can lead to dehydration, inflammation, and oxidative stress, causing issues like premature aging, dullness, and enlarged pores.
  • Consuming drinks high in sugar or mixers may exacerbate breakouts. 
  • To mitigate these effects, moderate alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, follow a nourishing skincare routine, and consume antioxidants. Alcohol's diuretic properties can also lead to dehydration, emphasizing the importance of replenishing lost fluids.

The detail

It's no secret that alcohol consumption can affect our health in myriad ways. Beyond its influence on the liver and cognitive functions, alcohol can also profoundly impact skin health. In the quest for radiant, clear skin, understanding the ramifications of our lifestyle choices, especially those late-night drinks, becomes imperative. Let's dive deep into the influence of alcohol on our skin and uncover ways to rejuvenate our complexion after indulging.

The Impact of Alcohol on Skin

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing the body to lose more water than it takes in. This dehydration can leave skin dry, dull, and prone to fine lines.

Alcohol increases blood flow to the skin's surface, leading to redness, puffiness, and potential exacerbation of conditions like rosacea.

Nutrient Depletion
Essential vitamins like A, B, and C are depleted when alcohol is metabolized, hampering skin's natural regeneration processes.

Pore Congestion
Those sugary cocktails aren't just bad for your waistline; they can lead to oil buildup and breakouts.Collagen Reduction: Regular alcohol consumption can reduce collagen production, making skin lose its elasticity over time.

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Reviving Your Skin After Drinking

While it's clear that excessive drinking can be detrimental to skin health, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy an occasional glass of wine. If you've indulged, here are steps to rejuvenate your complexion:

1) Rehydrate
The first and most crucial step post-drinking is to hydrate. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and replenish lost fluids. Hydrating serums and creams can also help restore skin's moisture balance.

2) Antioxidants are Key
Incorporate a serum like Revive, enriched with ingredients like Averrhoa Carambola Fruit Extract, Kiwi Fruit Extract, 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate (a form of Vitamin C), Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, and Resveratrol. These components work synergistically to combat free radicals, boost hydration, stimulate collagen production, and rejuvenate the skin, giving it a youthful, radiant glow.

3) Limit Sun Exposure
Alcohol can make skin more sensitive to the sun. If you've been drinking the night before, ensure you apply and reapply sunscreen diligently.

4) Healthy Diet
Nutrient-rich foods, especially those high in vitamins A, C, and E, can help restore and protect the skin. Consider foods like berries, nuts, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

5) Sleep
It's called beauty sleep for a reason. A good night's sleep can be restorative for the skin, so try to get those essential 7-8 hours, even if it means a nap during the day.

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The Revive


The Revive is a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that restores the skin with nutrients and hydration to keep your skin performing at its best in any environment.


In conclusion, while an occasional drink can be a delightful way to unwind, moderation is key, especially if we're prioritizing skin health. Recognizing the impact of alcohol and having strategies to counteract its effects can help ensure our skin remains vibrant and healthy, even after a night out.

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